Bryson Young

Behavior Specialist

Good Afternoon! My name is Bryson Young. I am new to Scholar Academy and will be in the Special Education Department. I have spent time working as a Behavior Specialist in Idaho Falls and an Inclusion Specialist in West Valley. I have also spent time as an afterschool program coordinator in Cedar City and as a volunteer sports coach in South Salt Lake. I have spent most of my life around children and I love working with them.

While I do believe children (and adults) need to move often to stimulate learning, using the environment to learn is also critical. There is something to be learned wherever you go, not just in the classroom.

I have 4 kids and a wonderful wife. I have lived in Japan and India. I enjoy anything Asian, especially eating octopus and squid. I have started learning about archery and playing the violin. I am not good at either but look forward to practicing to become better. I also enjoy cooking and grilling.