Jeff Hall

5th Grade

My name is Jeff Hall and I am a teacher gone tech-y. I?m a licensed educator with a masters in curriculum and instruction. I have a technology endorsement and have graduated the E-mints program which helps teachers integrate technology into the class in a way that will give students a more in depth learning experience. I have also participated in the i-School Initiative. Beside all that, I love to find fun ways to engage students and make learning fun, mainly with the use of technology. I have been recognized by the Granite Association for Gifted Children because of my use of technology in the classroom. I have also worked as a technology specialist.

I feel that the use of technology will enhance learning, increase a teachers productivity, as well as make learning a lot more fun for students. If used in the correct way it can transform students behaviors and attitudes toward learning. Technology is the future so by having students use it now, it will prepare them for the upcoming careers that will be available for them.