Marci Tribe

2nd Grade

"I had just taken to reading. I had just discovered the art of leaving my body to sit impassive in a crumpled up attitude in a chair or sofa, while I wandered over the hills and far away in novel company and new scenes ... My world began to expand very rapidly ... the reading habit had got me securely." H. G. Wells

My goal -- my passion -- is to help children find the joys of wandering the world and making new discoveries while sitting "in a crumpled up attitude in a chair or sofa." I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring this passion to the second grade at Scholar Academy.

I hold two bachelor's degrees from the University of Utah and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Western Governors University. I also have received specialized training through the University of Utah Reading Clinic, including a Level 1 Certification in the Wilson Reading System. I spent several years teaching reading at Wasatch Peak Academy in North Salt Lake and am excited to once again work with Mrs. Shepard and Mrs. Gailey.

When I am not wrapped up in the world of education, I like to work on DIY home improvement projects, enjoy the beauty of Utah's canyons, and spend time with my husband and four teenagers.