Staff Appreciation!

May 8th–May 12th. Don't Forget to thank your teacher's and staff member's for all their hard work!

Summer School!

Come join us June 6th to the 26th on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Sessions will run from 9:00–10:30 and 10:30–12:00.

Registration closes May 12th
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Amazing classes to dive into:
  K–5th grade reading
  K–5th grade math
  Technology–Catch a wave with Awesome Mr. Crane
  Gym Activities (Hangin' 10) with Cool Mr. Young

What's My Name?

There we so many submissions that we are able to speed everything up! All submissions are now being reviewd by a panel of judges. The Judges will pick the Top 5, and those will be put to a vote!

Voting will be May 1th to May 5th at Noon!