5th Grade Teachers

Karli Fait
5th Grade
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Hello! My name is Karli Fait. I am teaching 5th Grade at Scholar Academy. I LOVE 5th Grade! We have such a fun year ahead of us! Get ready to learn about magnets, electricity, landforms, animals, physical changes and chemical reactions. A little about me: I grew up in Taylorsville, Utah. I attended Taylorsville High School. Go Warriors! After high school, I went to Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. I graduated with my Associate of Arts from Snow in 2007. After Snow, I married my husband, Joe. We moved to Cedar City, Utah and in 2010, I graduated from SUU with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Reading. In 2010, my husband, daughter, and I moved to Tooele and we have lived here ever since. We have three awesome kids. We love to be outside on the tramp, at the park or just playing around. I love to play softball and craft. We love to spend time with all our extended family in Salt Lake. I am looking forward to a great year!!!

Thomas Curtis
5th Grade
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My name is Thomas C. Curtis and I am a teacher. My wife and I moved out to Tooele six years ago and have grown to love the area. I have been teaching now for ten years teaching a variety of children from Kindergarten up to 9th. Over the past ten years, I have become an apt and capable teacher who uses both technology and skill to teach and encourage students to further their knowledge in the Spanish language. I have taught beginners, moderate learners, as well as natives and been able to further their Spanish ability by teaching them carefully construed lessons.
My first year teaching I worked as an intern; it was an experience that I shall never forget. I was welcomed into a classroom and was told that I had 256 kids to whom I needed to teach Spanish. That was followed by nine years working at a Public Charter School where the focus of the school was on education, the specials (P.E., Music, and Foreign Language), and a pride in excellence. It is also a school where traditional American values are taught and promoted with daily lessons and teachings.
I firmly believe that if we "fail to plan, then we plan to fail." In order to create an ideal classroom learning environment; I will always have set plans of what, why, and where to teach the different materials taught throughout the year. I am also not scared to alter or adjust my curriculum in order to meet the new requirements of the day. By having everything planned out in advance, I have found that I am better able to concentrate on how I am going to teach as well as well as focus on giving more individual detail to what I teach.
Above and beyond that, with the help of my students, we have created a classroom environment that I feel is adequate for both my teaching and their learning needs. My classroom expectations have been reduced to a simple set of five guidelines.. I expect my students to L.E.A.R.N. L - "Listen with your full attention.", E - "Enter the room prepared and ready to learn," A - "Always give your best effort on all your work," R - "Respect yourself, others, and materials in the classroom," and N - "No excuses." Every rule that I have ever seen falls into one of those simple categories. By enforcing those rules, and caring for the students, a classroom environment is established where students can learn as well as feel safe. I have also found that working in close contact with parents, via phone, email, or in-class visitations, has aided me in creating an atmosphere where students, as well as parents, are welcome to come and learn.
Honestly, I feel that I have grown into a capable, well-rounded teacher who has reasonable control of his classroom. This growth has come from a variety of different sources; I have learned from personal experience, specialized trainings, colleagues, and advice from parents and staff how to handle a multiplicity of different situations in a plethora of different methods.
Lastly, I love teaching. If the teacher does not enjoy being there in the classroom, the students won't either. A love of something is the best way to teach.
Cordially, Mr. Thomas C. Curtis

Katy Rawlins
6th Grade
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Hello Scholar Academy families, my name is Katy Rawlins and I am excited to be teaching 5th and 6th grade this year! I enjoy traveling, running and the outdoors. I really enjoy teaching science and literature. I canít wait to share my love of learning with your student. I grew up in the Cache Valley area and graduated from Logan High School in 2003. After high school I attended college at Utah State University, where I met my late husband. I graduated with a dual major in Sociology and Elementary Education in 2011. After college, I taught for the Cache County School District as a classroom teacher in several different grade levels until, the beginning of this past summer. I lost my husband to cancer back in 2016 and, decided that it was time for a change for my son and I. My 5-year-old son who will be attending Scholar this year, so I am a Scholar parent as well. We relocated to Tooele over the summer and, I couldnít be more excited about this new journey. Teaching is my passion. There is nothing better than watching students learn and grow. I look forward to getting to know you during a fun and exciting year!