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Lottery Information
Declare Intent (current students) - Opens December 2019
Declare Intent Ends-January 5th 2020
First enrollment opens January 6th 2020 @ 9:00 a.m.
First enrollment ends January 17th 2020 @ 5:00 p.m.
First lottery held January 20th 2020
Second lottery opens 1/18/19
Second lottery ends 1/30/19
Second lottery held 1/31/19

Open enrollment will continue and lotteries run as needed until all open seats filled

Enrollment for 2019-2020

Number of Students by Grade

Grade K 75 Students
Grade 1 75 Students per grade
Grade 2 75 Students per grade
Grade 3 75 Students per grade
Grade 4 75 Students per grade
Grade 5 75 Students
Grade 6 75 Students
Grade 7 75 Students
Grade 8 75 Students
TOTAL 675 Students


Attendance is especially important with a curriculum like ours. Students who fail to attend regularly will find it especially difficult to keep pace and to progress and reap the benefits that the Scholar Academy program offers. Student engagement and participation is essential for students to develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills that we hope to instill.

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