Trust Lands


Each K-12 school has a School Community Council, and every charter school has a Trust Land Council. The principal, teachers, and parents comprise each Council, which determines the greatest education needs at its particular school. Following discussion and voting, each Council allocates their School LAND Trust Funds accordingly. Many schools opt to purchase technology to improve computer labs, while others use School LAND Trust Funds to pay teacher and aide salaries to reduce class sizes. Trust Funds also support language, arts, college preparatory, and other specialized courses. Find out how Scholar Academy is spending their 2019-20 School LAND Trust Funds here: >>>LINK<<<

Trustland Council Rules of Order

Trustland Council Election Procedures

Election ballot was distributed to all parents 10/10/19-10/14/19

The election results and their contact information:

School Members


Trustland Meeting Agendas

Meetings are scheduled at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted.