Donation Lists

School supplies are donated. All supplies not donated will be provided to students.

The updating of the supply/donation lists is an ongoing process, please check back to see if you have the most updated list. Lists should include the last date updated on the bottom. You can also double check with your childs teacher to confirm you have the updated list.

If your teachers supply list is not accessible, please contact them directly.


Katrisa Bishoff (Ms. Kat)
Lesley Mollard
Dori Wright

First Grade

Lauren Lambert
Sara Eliason
Cayla Betz

Second Grade

Christy Cook
Gabi McMain
Ashley Tignor

Third Garde

Misty Angeli
Angeline Walters
Chelsea Virostko

Fourth Grade

Elizabeth Bulkley
Heidi Forsyth
Aaron Pratt

Fifth Grade

Marie Knutson
R Bean
Jessica Tolman

Sixth Grade

Janine Christensen
Thomas Curtis
Karli Fait
Kate Rawlins

Junior High

Sandra Arslanian
Todd Crane
Leslie McPhie
James Nelson
Shannon Proctor
Erika Robinson
Angelique Waltzing